Lifetime Warranty

We back every piece of Hiamond jewelry we sell with a lifetime warranty, plus you can always send us your jewelry for a free thorough cleaning and inspection to make sure it's sparkling and in top condition.

Our warranty has some limitations:
1. If the diamond falls off or is lost, it cannot be replaced for free.
2. Customers need to be responsible for the shipping costs to and from the Hiamond studio.
3. All repairs are free in the first year. After 1 year, we will charge a small labor and material fee for your repair service.
4. If you take the product to another jeweler for resizing or repair, the Hiamond warranty will be void.

Jewerly Care

To keep your jewelry sparkling and looking good, we recommend the following:
1. Try to avoid your jewelry coming into contact with any type of chemicals, including soaps, shower gels, cosmetics.
2, Always remove jewelry before swimming, exercising, showering, outdoor sports or gardening.
3. It is recommended to clean the jewelry regularly with warm water, mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush.

Warranty Instruction

Step 1: Email us
First email us at to communicate with us about your specific after-sales needs. We will give you an RMA form to collect the necessary order and after-sales information.

Step 2: Shipping
Send the jewelry back together in its original packaging. Print out the RMA form and send it back with your item to our after-sales address:
35 applegreen Dr, Old westbury,
New York 11568,
United States.

Step 3: Shipping Considerations
In order for your package to be delivered properly, we recommend the following:
- Recipient's signature is required for delivery.
- Insure your package.


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life time warranty

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