Request a Repair

If you need repairs, please write to us at, and our repair experts will give you an RMA form to confirm the details of your repair needs.
Our repair services include:
- Change or reset diamonds.
- Replacement or adjustment of the setting.
- Jewelry scratch repair.
- Adjust ring size.

Our current repair time is about 4 weeks after receiving your jewelry.
Customer is responsible for two-way shipping express charges.
During the maintenance process, we will charge a small amount of maintenance labor and material costs.


If your ring doesn't fit, we offer a free resizing.

Our list is only a list of the most common sizes, if you need a quarter size, or your size is not in our size list, please note when ordering. If the ring you received is not the right size, please email us at, and our after-sales specialist will contact you.

We strongly recommend that you place an order to purchase our standard sizer, also to ensure that your size can be accurately measured. When you're done, you can return the perfect fit sizer to us so we can recycle it and we'll refund your sizer value minus shipping.

Our current resizing time is approximately 4 weeks after receiving your ring.


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life time warranty

We offer life time warranty

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